Whisky and Bourbon Events

Here you will find the sites of all the whisky, whiskey and bourbon events from all around the world.

Dram Fest (NZ)

Inter Whisky (DE)

International Malt Whiskyfestival Gent (BE)

Milano Whisky Festival (IT)

Oslo Whisky Festival (NO)

Spirit of Speyside (UK)

Spirits in the Sky (BE)

Universal Whisky Experience (USA)

Victoria Whisky Festival (USA)

Whiskies Of The World Expo (USA)

Whisky by the Sea (NL)

WhiskyFête (USA)

Whisky & Spirits Festival Amsterdam (NL)

Whisky Festival for Independent Bottlers (BE)

International Whisky Festival (NL)

WhiskyFestival Noord Nederland (NL)

Whisky Messe (DE)

Whiskymessen (DK)

Whiskyschiff Luzern (CH)

Whisky Weekend (DE)

Beer and Bourbon Festival (USA)

Kentucky Bourbon Festival (USA)